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Catering & Party Planning


Folks love ordering our pies for their shindigs, whether it’s a corporate lunch or a mom-to-be’s baby shower (true story).

Delivery or Pick-Up

We’ll deliver your feast to the event (provided you’re in Odessa or Midland, Texas!) Alternatively, you can pick up and haul the pies yourself (won’t hurt our feelings!).

Venue Rental

Give us enough advance warning and you can even rent our location for a private party after-hours. Woo hoo!

Pizza Math

How Much to Order:

From experience, we’ve found that you should order 1 18″ pizza for every 3 guests. So divide your number of guests by 3 and that’ll give you the approximate # of 18-inchers to order.

# of Guests divided by 3 = # of 18″ Pizzas to order

Not interested in crunching numbers? Click here to see our easy people-to-pizza summary.

What Kind to Order?

If you’re not sure of your guests’ tastes, you can’t go wrong with the ratio:

3 Pepperoni: 2 Specialty: 1 Cheese

Equations with Kids in Mind:

  • Multiply pizza quantity by 1.33333334 if feeding birthday party kiddos (they need more fuel to whack that piñata afterwards).
  • Multiply pizza quantity by 1.5 if feeding teenagers (man, do they pack it away!).
  • Multiply by 2 if feeding teenaged sports team (chess teams count).

Call us at 432-366-2000 to start planning your event!

Pizza Math Made Even Easier

# of Guests # of Pizzas
1-3 1
4-6 2
7-9 3
10-12 4
13-15 5
16-18 6
19-21 7
22-24 8
25-27 9
28-30 10
Up to 40 14
Up to 50 17
Up to 60 20
Up to 70 24
Up to 80 27
Up to 90 30
Up to 100 34

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