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Can You Cut It?

Get a good score and you may just win a job, or a JGP t-shirt, or nothing…we haven’t really decided. Good luck!

1. Which pizza brand do you like best?

Pizza Hut Domino’s Papa John’s Little Caesars

2. How do you like your sarcasm?

Plain Extra Saucy Double the Cheese

3. Which tattoo do you prefer?

4. Which 90s band best describes your outlook on life?

R.E.M.: one day you’re shiny-happy, the other day you’re a sad professor. Nirvana: it’s ok to eat fish. Counting Crows: obsessed with the color grey, rain, and feathers. Beck: termite hanging duct tape recorder disco ball bearing No Doubt: I’m just a girl. None of the above: I’m more a yellow-submarine type.

5. If hired, will you blush every time we ask you to cut the cheese?

Yes, bodily functions are no laughing matter. Maybe, it is kinda funny. No, will you be ok if sometimes I cut the other cheese?

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